Snow World

I'm in a new world
Different from all others

Peaceful and quiet
With beautiful white flakes
floating in the air
Making all things beautiful

Even things that are normally ugly
like garbage cans, old rusty cars
and junk yards
take on a new perspective
and become a feast of beauty for the eyes
With interesting pieces sticking out of the pure white blanket

Trucks speeding down the slick, slushy road
give off a new and interesting sound
As they make their way in this new world
Heading to old destinations
Like work or church
Or a friends house
yet it feels and sounds different today
driving take heightened senses
alert to the scary or exciting patches
that may be encountered
Up ahead

I walk in a land of Christmas trees
reminding me of the upcoming day
Filled with treats
And surprises waiting
love expressed in boxes and bows

Yet this day is my best gift
This world is wrapped in special wrapping
Full of polka dot miracles
Swirling around me
I stand and absorb the day
all my senses thrilling and alive with the magic
Loving this moment
feeling blessed and so fortunate to have
landed in snow world today
Amy Lloyd 12/12/10
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With Us

God is not against us,

but with us.

For us.

God is not above us,

but with us.

Among us.

God is not separate from us

but with us.

Within us.

We will not find the Divine

by gazing into heaven

but by attending to our lives,

our hearts, our relationships—

looking to the human mystery

and the wild love married to us,

the delighted presence

even now walking hand in hand

with us.


Copyright  ©  Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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Magic…December 2010 Vol 3 Issue 24!

December 10 3.24 Magic

We have reached the final newsletter issue of the THIRD year of Songs from the Valley!

On an even more exciting note, will be up and running soon! Beginning January of 2011 I will no longer be emailing the newsletter out, but will be posting it on the website and, if you want to, you will come and read it from there. If you subscribe to the blog you will get notifications for when I post something new.

The art in this newsletter is AWESOME!!!! I am so thankful to my friend, Barbara Pryor, for her amazing art.

I am so excited about the upcoming year of fantastic artists  I am connecting with and am so excited about featuring as many awesome artists as possible, plus I will be dealing with some very tough issues this years, that I have personally experienced – including homelessness, abusive relationships, cyber-stalking and obsession.

I hope you enjoy…and sign up!

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I Prepare a Place

Holy Child of mystery,

I prepare a place for you.

I remodel the inn of my heart.

I clear a roomand let go of many things.

I fashion a crib of finest wood.

I make a space that is just for you,

and open it up each day,

and in stillness I wait—

until I find that in darkness of night

beneath my knowing or waking,

in cold and poverty,without place at all,

you have already come

and lie waiting in someunexpected manger.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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SNOW!!!!! YAY!!!!

I love weather

The vast adventure

It brings to the day

All it’s moods

Always changing it’s mind

No day in my life

Ever quite like another

I love rain

With it’s grey skies

Or faithful rainbow

Washing the dirty sidewalks

Falling softly on my cheeks

A blustery day

Makes me feel alive

As I fight to keep my hat on

Or my umbrella right side down

An uneven struggle which I usually don’t win

Snow is that miracle

A special treat

Of wondrous beauty

Where I hold my breath

And walk in wonder

Each moment in time a masterpiece

Aware with potential miracles

So many treats for the senses

Hidden in the changing

Emotions of the day

Weather  by Amy Lloyd   2005

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December Newsletter – Silence

December 10 23 Silence

I wanted to attach a few other blogs thoughts on Silence. Todays Unfolding Light is posted below – Steve’s writing is always amazing! His website info is at the bottom.

Ocean Palmer’s The World of Why? Is an awesome blog and he has a really great thought on Silence


The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor for Dec 1 has a poem called – the hookers, the madmen and the doomed by Charles Bukow which is great. Check it out at


In those days John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness of Judea, proclaiming, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” This is the one of whom the prophet Isaiah spoke when he said, “The voice of one crying out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.’ ”

            — Matthew 3.1-3

When John the Baptist comes yelling out of the desert telling us to repent, we wonder, with maybe a little panic: Of what? How? What am I supposed to change? Repentance seems like something we have to work at to meet some externally imposed standard, something we have to start getting right. But Advent promises that it’s actually God who’s behaving in a new way,  doing   something new. All we we do is notice, and say “yes.”  Like Mary, swelling with Christ, we hold a new incarnation of God within us. God is in you, moving with new life, surrounding you, moving in a new way. What is God doing? How is God’s presence unfolding in you? To discern this, of course, you have to be still and watch a long time. It’s as if in the woods you find a little den of some sort and you want to know what kind of animal lives there. What you do then is sit off a way and wait and watch for a long time until whatever it is comes out. You have to be still a very long time.

Be still for a few minutes every day this Advent and wonder, “God, what are you doing in me?” Devote yourself to saying “Yes” to it, whatever it turns out to be. In silence, simply sit and wait. Don’t expect an answer. The little creature won’t come out for a long time. God is doing the work, and you are practicing being present. As you do, you will become more present all day long, all season long, until the truth is revealed. Let this redirecting of your will and your attention be your repentance. Let this attentive presence be your preparing. As Jesus says, watch. Keep awake.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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November 10 Issue 3.22 Kissing Frogs

November 10 3.22 Kissing Frogs

The first November newsletter 3.21 Worry is in the post of ‘Why Worry?’  Both issue feature the amazing art of Ann Geise! check out her site at

Tomorrow the first December issue will be mailed out. It takes me some time to email it. It used to take me hours. For quite sometime I emailed each one individually, finally the list got to be over 150 and it was just too big of a chore! Now I mail it in batches and it still takes about an hour.

Even though I really enjoy personally mailing the newsletter out, I am looking forward to getting the website up and running where I will just be able to send a notification when a new issue is released and people can log on to view it when, or if, they want to….

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