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Found this on Freshly Pressed! Beautiful!

Christmas, 2010 Can I make a present for you? A trill on the piano A dip on the dance floor A swirl of crimson on an ochre tide Perhaps some stars Strung together like ripe cranberries; memories of popcorn on … Continue reading

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Snow World

I’m in a new world Different from all others Peaceful and quiet With beautiful white flakes floating in the air Making all things beautiful Even things that are normally ugly like garbage cans, old rusty cars and junk yards take … Continue reading

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With Us

God is not against us, but with us. For us. God is not above us, but with us. Among us. God is not separate from us but with us. Within us. We will not find the Divine by gazing into … Continue reading

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SNOW!!!!! YAY!!!!

I love weather The vast adventure It brings to the day All it’s moods Always changing it’s mind No day in my life Ever quite like another I love rain With it’s grey skies Or faithful rainbow Washing the dirty … Continue reading

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This old torn coat will do me in the woods, with a good sweater. The path is no Appalachian Trail, just a way among the beeches, oaks and pines beyond the house, the sigh of traffic not too far. An … Continue reading

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Let Us Be Different

by Kathy Galloway  from Love Burning Deep Let us be different, Let us not be the same, You will be you, I will be me, Each of us has our own name. You do things your way, In the light … Continue reading

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Last Day of Summer

Summer’s turned her face toward the way she’ll go, but hasn’t yet. It’s I who turn, before the trees, to thoughts of losses and regret. But she reminds me, in the way she offers up this gift, to let the … Continue reading

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