About Me…

57100074My name is Amy Lloyd and, for the past 20 years now, I have been on a life journey of love, joy peace, hope and inspiration.

It has certainly not been an easy path.  I have made many, many mistakes along the way, and yet, I choose daily  to allow God to control my life and help me look for the “diamonds” along the way, and to try to make the best of every day – no matter how bad my circumstances are at any given moment.

My journey has been a journey of faith – tested to the extreme. It has led me to, and through, complete loss of everything I ever loved, abuse, poverty, homelessness – these are just a few of the things I have overcome.  God has been so faithful to me and has never left me alone. My journey has been a very rich and  rewarding way to live and has led me to continually look for inspiration in all the good things life has to offer! I highly recommend it!

In January 08 I decided to do a “test” Newsletter just to see if it was fun. I had no idea if I would even enjoy it, much less continue for years! But it was so fun, I decided to commit to doing it for the whole year of 08 – no matter what. Thus was born Songs from the Valley (My name given name at birth was Amy Carol Duvall which means Beloved Song of the Valley). This newsletter is an extension of my soul, and is the way I have lived my life over these years. It has been amazing for me to put it on paper and share it with others!

These past three  years have been some of my most difficult in many ways, yet they have also been my most wonderful years as well! I live my life looking for, documenting, and sharing the simple miracles and inspiration I find in abundance everywhere I look.

I hope I can be an encouragement to anyone who is in need of inspiration to look for the truth inside of themselves, take responsibility for their lives and make the changes in their life they need  to make in order to live a great and joyful life!

I hope I can help inspire you to live your life to the fullest …right now…right in the middle of whatever circumstance life is giving you at this very moment! It is always our choice!!!!


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