The Start: First Newsletter of 2011!

January 11 4.1 Home

Here we are on January 1 of a brand new year! I am so excited about the direction I am heading, I have finally arrived ‘home’ after a very long and difficult journey, and now I am at the beginning of lots of new and exciting opportunities. Wow, is it ever good!

As I start this year there are some things that are difficult and there is a bittersweetness surrounding me right now, but I know the only way to live life is to face, and feel, it all.

So, I am mailing the check for the website out today! I should have it up and running in the next few weeks, until then I will post the newsletter links here. 

This year I will be posting one newsletter a week to try it. That more than doubles my current issues, so it will be interesting to see if I can reach my goal and if anyone will want to read a new one every week!

So, welcome to 2011!

May it be a year of great love, peace, joy and all the good things in life for all of us!

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