Snow World

I'm in a new world
Different from all others

Peaceful and quiet
With beautiful white flakes
floating in the air
Making all things beautiful

Even things that are normally ugly
like garbage cans, old rusty cars
and junk yards
take on a new perspective
and become a feast of beauty for the eyes
With interesting pieces sticking out of the pure white blanket

Trucks speeding down the slick, slushy road
give off a new and interesting sound
As they make their way in this new world
Heading to old destinations
Like work or church
Or a friends house
yet it feels and sounds different today
driving take heightened senses
alert to the scary or exciting patches
that may be encountered
Up ahead

I walk in a land of Christmas trees
reminding me of the upcoming day
Filled with treats
And surprises waiting
love expressed in boxes and bows

Yet this day is my best gift
This world is wrapped in special wrapping
Full of polka dot miracles
Swirling around me
I stand and absorb the day
all my senses thrilling and alive with the magic
Loving this moment
feeling blessed and so fortunate to have
landed in snow world today
Amy Lloyd 12/12/10
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