Magic…December 2010 Vol 3 Issue 24!

December 10 3.24 Magic

We have reached the final newsletter issue of the THIRD year of Songs from the Valley!

On an even more exciting note, will be up and running soon! Beginning January of 2011 I will no longer be emailing the newsletter out, but will be posting it on the website and, if you want to, you will come and read it from there. If you subscribe to the blog you will get notifications for when I post something new.

The art in this newsletter is AWESOME!!!! I am so thankful to my friend, Barbara Pryor, for her amazing art.

I am so excited about the upcoming year of fantastic artists  I am connecting with and am so excited about featuring as many awesome artists as possible, plus I will be dealing with some very tough issues this years, that I have personally experienced – including homelessness, abusive relationships, cyber-stalking and obsession.

I hope you enjoy…and sign up!

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