November 10 Issue 3.22 Kissing Frogs

November 10 3.22 Kissing Frogs

The first November newsletter 3.21 Worry is in the post of ‘Why Worry?’  Both issue feature the amazing art of Ann Geise! check out her site at

Tomorrow the first December issue will be mailed out. It takes me some time to email it. It used to take me hours. For quite sometime I emailed each one individually, finally the list got to be over 150 and it was just too big of a chore! Now I mail it in batches and it still takes about an hour.

Even though I really enjoy personally mailing the newsletter out, I am looking forward to getting the website up and running where I will just be able to send a notification when a new issue is released and people can log on to view it when, or if, they want to….

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