The Countdown…

I just set my iGoogle countdown clock for Christmas! Woo Hoo!!!! 26:12:26:59…58…57… I have Christmas music blaring in the car and I am singing at the top of my lungs……I am in Holiday-Mode and ready to enjoy the rest of this awesome milestone year for me!!!!!

I already used my first early Christmas present, (Chris bought me the best present I have ever received – a new MIXER!!!! I haven’t had a mixer since 2005!) to make a full Thanksgiving meal. I haven’t cooked that meal for 14 years! It was an AMAZING day!!!

I will be picking my son, Brandon, up on Tuesday as he is making a major life move to be near family! So exciting!!!!!

In the next few days we will be buying the plane ticket for Kacie, my youngest daughter, to come visit for the holiday – and I started a box of small gifts to send to Krista, my eldest daughter.

My life is bursting at the seams with all good things! I am so very blessed!!!! I am so fortunate to live in awareness. So fortunate to be able to know the value of these moments, these treasures!

Going to be saying this a lot this year….Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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