Live Thanks – It Is Worth It!

Giving Thanks Always for All Things unto God.     Ephesians 5:20

Somehow, out of everything I COULD have ended up with, I ended up with a framed scripture about thankfulness!

It was a beautiful framed verse I had purchased and was sent to me by a friend of my sister, Laura, in Memphis – she doesn’t remember who made it, or me asking her to send it to me.

I asked for this particular verse as I was going to add it to my Thanksgiving decorations. Thinking back, I probably would have packed it away for the year until it was time in late October to decorate my house for Thanksgiving! I certainly didn’t order it knowing what it would come to mean to me or I would need to learn to LIVE it!

It is my own fault (or maybe it was a nudge from an angel) which made me pick it up. I had just received it a few weeks earlier. I remember picking it up off the dresser and sticking it into a bag with a few of my belongings I was able to gather and take, as I left my beautiful house for the last time and plunged into a time of divorce which brought such loss, grief, scandal, and poverty into my life that I could never have imagined – darkness and pain which seemed would never end.

Over the next 13 & 1/2 years I would both laugh and curse that decision, but always the verse was there to remind me to continue to be thankful, no matter what! I believe it was no accident that it ended up in my puny little cache of stuff.

Over the years as my stuff got ever more limited, it is a miracle that my verse is still with me, and I have come to value this verse more and more. I have found a level of thankfulness that goes well beyond any circumstances, or what I think I want – it takes me into a realm of thankfulness for each day that I am given to be able to understand more of what my purpose is for this earth, and to be in a state of Thanks in every situation.

In 2008, when I knew it was time to come back to Kentucky, I sat for hours with this picture in my lap, praying and allowing the blessing of living this beautiful verse to permeate my soul. What would this bring? I didn’t know then, but now I look back and it was the path that led me to Chris, to my kids. It was even bigger than I thought it was (and I knew it was BIG!!!) 

It has been a long journey and of the few possessions I was able to take with me, very few of them have survived, but I still have my old gold frame with the burnt orange mat and the perfect calligraphy writing of this beautiful reminder above. It is still a reminder that I must choose this every minute of every day. Each moment is a new blessing.

Be aware, there are no circumstances which we go through where God says, “Ok, now THAT’S bad! Go ahead, you can feel sorry for yourself” – all things are truly meant for good and all things deserve our thanks!

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One Response to Live Thanks – It Is Worth It!

  1. Rabbi Lloyd teaches us, according to the Chassidic ethos of the Alter Rebbe of Lyozhna, that all that all that befalls humankind is good, whether in revealed or in hidden (Nistar) forms. How can this be? We can plainly see evil, and the obvious tragic major signpost events are repeated over and over, used to illustrate that not all is for the good? How can this be. Or that an event, at once perceived to be totally beneficial, such as winning the lottery), is revealed to be destructive of a person’s previously happy life (Reality TV, The Lottery Ruined my Life).

    What has Rabbi Lloyd taught me? That one’s perception of life;s experiences are not permanent but are transient, whereas the cultivation of one’s true perceptions of the beneficence of the Divine, which takes work, is all important, and truly, the only real spiritual work that one has control over. We can pray more or less effectively – for some, it is a bore, for others its a drug, still others a vice, and for the saintly, a means of communications with the self and the soul. But by working on the fine tuning of our perceptions of the good transmitted to us via all of life’s events, by the Divine, customized, so to speak just for us alone, we will grow.

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