I am thinking about choices this morning.

Two things making me think about this:

1) My post last night was responded to with yet another threatening message and a diatribe of how wicked and awful I am.

2) I signed into Facebook this morning and saw a post from a friend who stated she is in an extremely bad mood, because she is choosing to be angry instead of having a pity party for herself….those are the only two choices she is giving herself.


Both of these events make me think about choices – these people have the same choices today that I have. I am so glad I know that I do not have to be swept into their choices. I can chose my own response to everything that comes to me. I have a choice as well in how I respond to them – or refuse to respond to them!

I love the remark in Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead between two characters – {Context -Toohey has spent his life trying to destroy Roark’s.}

Toohey: “Tell me what you think of me.”
Roark: “But I don’t.”


I am so glad that I can make the choice to not respond or incorporate the hate and anger of others. I must and will not be sidetracked by the choices of others. I will concentrate on my own choices for this moment, and then make my own decision on how I want to live, who I want to be and  what I want for this day.

Life is GOOD!!!!

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