Life is Good!

I go back and read old newsletters…they are always about me and so, when I get discouraged, or I need to be reminded to smile, I go back and ‘visit’ them! They always help me AND they remind me of how I have lived for so many years. The past three of my life are documented in this format and it is AWESOME!!!!

One of the recurring sentences I see, as I revisit the past three years of newsletters, is the statement ‘Life is Good’! I have said that (and meant it) in issue after issue!

It makes me smile every time I read it! For those of you who don’t know my story, I must tell you that the circumstances of my life have not been easy – ESPECIALLY the past three years! But I have truly found my circumstances have basically nothing to do with my choice to be happy, enjoy and truly love life.

No matter how many minutes, hours, days or years I have left to be here on the blue ball – I believe in the intrinsic value of life and of being right here – right now!

I look around me and I rejoice! As long as my creator who loves me gives me an ounce of breath to share my voice with others, I will continue to choose to write it, sing it, say it, live it and believe it -I love life! Life is GOOD!!!!Wooo Hoooo!

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