Creatively Speaking

What sparks your creative juices? I recently began reading a book by Dr. Ellen Langer, On Becoming An Artist. Super awesome stuff!

I featured Dr. Langer’s art and some of her writing in one of the June 2010 Newsletters. June 10 3.12 Overcoming She is a Harvard professor and researcher who does fascinating research.

Her writing and research are really fascinating, and her art has got a special quality to it, which is because it reflects her so completely and has such a fun, yet personal aspect to it. You can feel her vulnerability, courage, passion and even daring as you  flip through. I truly love it, and she has made me come face to face with my inner artist who has been waiting to emerge.

If you are wanting to let your creativity come out and have been afraid to allow it, check out her blog, books and art at her website

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