As I send out the Songs from the Valley Newsletter twice a month I never know what I will get back. Each month it varies, from people who want to say “hi” – to people who accuse me of publishing propaganda. Sometimes I get wonderful messages saying how much joy they get out of the art, or the themes of the newsletter, and sometimes I get a true heartfelt message, which make me so happy.

When I sent out the issue in August, about friendship, I got messages that made me cry…almost as much as I cried as I was writing it!

The current issue is about Aging Gracefully and today I got a message from a friend who wanted to let me know she is breaking the chain of a long-term abusive relationship! She wanted to thank me for the newsletters, for sharing my story. She said she knew I would understand what she is going through, and she wanted to let me know that I have helped her to be stronger than she ever thought she was, and to know for sure that she was loved and she was worth more than what she has in that relationship.

I am rocked by, and so grateful for, her message. Yes, I know how hard it is and how much pain and strength it takes to make these decisions. I also know that it is worth it! Every special, unique and wonderful person who is on this earth can make those choices!

Days like this, I am filled with wonder that I am able to be a part of this gift called life!

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