Keep Out Outside Influences by Denis Waitley

1.) Wake up to music instead of an alarm.
2.) Drastically reduce your exposure to the news media, except for need-to-know info.
3.) Use commuting time for inspiration and learning. Turn your car into a “rolling university.”
4.) Limit your television viewing to a few hours a week.  Make “prime time” your time to live. Work toward your goals, spend quality time in conversation or activities with those you love.
5.) Develop new friends who are optimists and have ambitions and goals for their lives. Remember that those who do not increase you will decrease you!
6.) Have lunch one a week with a “mastermind” group of like minded people who will help keep you accountable to your goals.
7.) Make a plan. Each day make plans for the following day. It is your road map.
8.) Throughout the day ask yourself this question: ” Is this activity moving me forward to achieve my most important lifetime goals?”
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