The Art of Love……..written for you, because of you.

The Art of Love is not what you might think……

It is not an act, nor a series of acts.

The Art of Love is just that; an Art.

The Art of Love is a level that few of us ever obtain, but, are both capable of, and search for.

The Art of Love is opening your heart.

The Art of Love is a place; a place where YOU have been taken because of someone.

Someone who you have the deepest connection with; a connection so deep, it feels innate; cellular if you wish.

The Art of Love can be elusive, but once found, cannot be ignored.

I write this because I have both ignored and rediscovered The Art of Love…..

The Art of Love has shown me perfection in an imperfect world.

An imperfect world where screws fall out all the time!

But, in this imperfect world, exists perfection.

Beautiful, honest, true blue perfection…

This perfection makes YOU a better person in many ways.

It allows you to give.

It allows you to give unconditionally.

The Art of Love is as close to unconditional love as we humans can ever hope to achieve.

The Art of Love has touched ME.

It has touched ME in the most profound of ways.

When your every thought is of SOMEONE ELSE, and not YOURSELF, you have reached the threshold.

A threshold covered up by life’s daily disappointments.

A threshold, hidden to the naked eye.

If you CHOOSE to brush off this threshold, and, step over, you will have discovered what I have…..perfection and….

The Art of Love.

                                                                                                                                                                                   – C. P. Hoffman

This is #1 of a series…stay tuned….overwhelmingly wonderful stuff!!!!!

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