Wake Up!!! It’s morning!

What happens when you wake up? Are you happy to be alive and looking forward to what life has to bring? Or are you full of dread, or anger, or simply grumpy that morning has come?

There have been times when I have struggled with what I was going to have to deal with in my day. There have been times of great difficulty for me when I woke and wished I could avoid my pain, what I had to go through, wished in every way that my circumstances were different.

Then I would determine to do my best that day, actively look for SOMETHING to smile about, anything that would inspire me and keep me hopeful that life and God are good…and guess what?  As I got up looking for that – I ALWAYS found it. Every moment I try to live in awareness. A lot of the times I found my smile in nature, lots of time the beauty of art, sometimes a song, or a quote, encouraging words, sometimes in a person I happened to meet in my day. That’s why I have had so much fun doing the newsletter these past three years…it is an extension of how I have lived for the past 20 years. It is my life, my soul, and my choices – on the page.

And sometimes my smile would come from my own pathway of blessing and growth – I would recognize my own huge accomplishments on this journey, the ability to have this insight of how to live a good life, to be able to look for good things no matter what….and I would realize what a special gift that I have been given by God to be able to see life in this way.

I know the absolute benefit of living this way, and my life has come into alignment with my choices. I am blessed beyond measure and my cup of life is overflowing. God is blessing my life in so many ways – I am overwhelmed with the good things that are piled upon me! I have found the promises of God for my life are truly great and wonderful beyond imagination!

I just want to remind you…this is not about me…these choices are available to everyone at all times. Each moment we can choose our attitude, our reaction to our life, our day, our spouse, our children, our work.

A morning tip…as soon as you wake up…choose to live your day with awareness! Smile!!! Think about how great it is to have the gift of life. Then determine to make your day good!

Remember, it’s your life! Choose a good one! It’s always up to you!

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