There’s a new show on FX called Justified! Great show! Love it!!!! I’m from Kentucky, so it is extra special for me! hee

Anyway…I am thinking and researching thoughts about victims and victim mentality the last few days for a new newsletter and this is a very interesting subject.

I have had lots of bad things come into my life over these past years and I have always been determined NOT EVER (yes, I’m yelling…hee) to be a victim! I am an overcomer of life’s obstacles. I will not be a victim – I refuse! I am currently figuring out how to protect myself against evil, proceed with justice – without making myself a victim…I am trying to forge new ground here! How do I make a stand, be transparent, protect myself, follow my life calling, and yet not allow myself to be a victim? I am determined to figure this one out!!!!

Why would anyone want to choose a victim way of life? No matter what the circumstance – we always have the choice of who we want to be. I have wondered a lot about victims and why some people become victims and why other people blame victims. It is an interesting thing to me, how people think there has to be a resonable reason for someone to be mean to you, how people love to kick you when you’re down, and I found it interesting in my research that those are usually people who believe in a “just world” and people who want to justify their own behavior and make themselves feel better by downing someone else – i.e. I am a good person, therefore nothing bad should happen to me…if something happens to you it is because you did something to cause it (Read the book of Job…take a look at his ‘friends’!) When you think this way you are in a perfect spot to become a victim, or at least setting yourself up not enjoy a great big part of your life.

The Bible tells us, “It rains on the just and the unjust” the events of life are random and there will be lots of good and bad things that happen everyday. Your life will only be as good as you want it to be. The only true thing you have control of is your attitude! Our attitude towards life is the deciding factor!

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