What is the evidence of my trust?

These things are the powerful evidence of my trust – no one can take these away from me

The smile on my lips

The song from my soul

The peace in my heart

The hope that won’t die

The patience in my waiting

The rest on my pillow

The transparency of my brokenness

The directness of my eye contact

The refusal to shut my heart

The passion of my dreams

The presence in my difficulties

The love in my giving

The struggle in my forgiveness

The attempt to love the unlovable

The willingness to see my own faults and to laugh at myself

The knowledge of my limited humanity

The thirst that keeps me seeking

The warrior heart that stays in the battle

The faith of knowing I am loved

The truth that I am not alone

The ability to see each person’s uniqueness

The depth of my pain and pleasure

The embracing of new ideas

The experience of the miracles

The diamonds I’ve found on the way

The unrelenting belief in goodness

The ever increasing wonder of how big God is   

The inhabiting of my life, the good and the bad, just as I am, at this very moment

The awareness of all of the above

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