cleaning the refrigerator & other such tasks

I cleaned out the refrigerator this morning. I have been thinking about doing it for a couple of months now…hee…but today – I DID IT! It smells so good!  It looks so good! I feel so accomplished and good!

Why did it take me so long to do it?

I read recently that we are naturally programmed to be pleasure seekers and so we avoid things which we believe will be unpleasant. That is the reason we avoid our truth and instead we seek things like drugs, alcohol bad relationships, etc. We avoid cleaning the refrigerator and try to ignore the unpleasant smell that is coming from the meat drawer as long as possible.

Hopefully, one day we finally face it, grab some soap and hot water and apply some elbow grease to the stinky problems…or more important, we face the truth of the underlying issues of our life and face the truth of our anger, abuse, or other avoided truths…and guess what happens?

Our lives come into focus. We gain our lives! Freedom, peace, happiness, joy, love! We come out clean and accomplished!

We feel great and we begin to heal!

Here’s to cleaning the refrigerator!

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