God is Good…God is Love

Over and over this week I have come face to face with the goodness and the love of God. It has been interesting, because it has been in some sad moments that the goodness of God has become ever more clear to me. I have felt how much God wants to fellowship with all of his creatures and how he longs for us to know His love and goodness.

I read a couple of books this week. Epic by John Eldredge (it was great) and Turn My Mourning into Dancing by Henri Nouwen (equally great on many, if different levels).

In the later book, there is a statement while talking about letting go of ourselves and letting God take over our lives and if says, “Before they can be caught they must let go. They must brave the emptiness of space.”  What a great way to state our regeneration into our spiritual birth and acknowledgement of God’s presence! Letting go of all the bad of this world and braving the emptiness of what we cannot understand in order to move into a new and better space with God! How Wonderful and how true! 

God’s love is so much more than we can ever explain or understand and only when we ask, seek and knock with all our heart hungry and desperate for God can we make that brave step…only to find it is so much more and better than we could ever understand! 

God help us to be brave and face that emptiness – in order to become full of love, peace, hope and joy beyond  understanding!

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