Thoughts About Sharing…

I started this blog about a month ago and I wasn’t sure if I would even keep it up.

Yesterday as I was reading his blog, my good friend, Paulo Coelho once again challenged my thinking about sharing and giving.

I thought, when I started this blog, that I would not post the whole Newsletter so that anyone who wanted it would request it from me and then I could keep track of how it is growing. I have had several requests for the whole newsletter and that has made me feel good – but I know that there have been people who have not requested it, but maybe would have read it if it had been posted and so my need for control has impacted my message.

So, I am going to post all of the Newsletters to date, back to January. I have no idea who will read them, but that is not my concern.

All I know is that what I have learned over these past years must be given and shared with an open mind and heart. It is not for me to control – it is for me to give freely and I will let the seeds fall where they should.

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