Thoughts on Inspiration…by my friend Stephen Silva


What does it truly mean to the inspiration depraved to be truly inspired?

One can set out to deliberately seek inspiration as a choice or necessity born out of personal hardship and decide if something they stumble over is inspirational and that makes inspiration a choice. I don’t think inspiration is a choice nor do I think it is a necessity. I think is surely a gift from the giver that all men want to understand but none truly do.


What is Inspiration?

My father was inspired by the pride of growing a healthy tomato plant brought to fruit by his own nurturing hands and the hands of another unseen. My mom was inspired by birthing and raising healthy well mannered children, keeping a clean home and taking good care of Papa. One of my brothers, my best friend and a captain at sea, is inspired by the beauty, peace and comfort of a breaking storm and a calming sea over which he has no control and is openly thankful to the one granting he and his crew safe passage home. My sister is inspired by our family collective and is most happy when the entire family is gathered to break bread and share stories of our family history by the fire. The oldest of my siblings, my other brother, is inspired by faith and is the inspiration to all of my family young and old. He has 10 children of his own.  It seems a heavy yoke to bear yet he is so light and easy. He seems so at peace and satisfied with the inspiration he found so long ago, that is with him today, and will be with him always. He is the most happy of all of us I think.


The oldest sibling was my holy sponsor after much training, for Confirmation into the Catholic faith. Ironically I strayed from that strict faith and chose a different path. The one less traveled. The path that led to more questions than it did to the answers for which I continue to search. Now with a touch of grey in my beard I seek an additional inspiration that is not deliberate or one I will choose. Conversely, I hope that inspiration seeks me and if worthy, will find me and will explain all things.


What is inspiration?  I think it just might be the equivalent to each mans faith. All men have faith be it structurally recognized by the masses or not. It does not matter how it is realized but it does matter what it means. It matters that faith and inspiration are the quest of all men. Perhaps it is best that the ultimate truth is only revealed to men that have passed this life. God save the man on this earth who finds the truth while living on this earth for the seeking of the answers must surely be it the inspiration that fuels the faith. It is not meant be discovered at all. It is meant to be revered and questioned on this earth and revealed to the true seekers in another life.    .

Stephen James Silva: July 2008

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