Finding/Fighting Inspiration


I started two Newsletters for July – one is focused on writing, it came together very smoothly and flowed very nicely, the other one was just a mess…nothing flowed and I struggled for weeks to try to come up with things to put in it.

I kept putting things in and trying to make them fit…but they just were odd and strange and it all seemed “off”.

There were some things I really liked about it and so I kept at it thinking I could pull it together. I had written the front page, about a PBS Dr. Wayne Dyer program, “The Power of Intention” I had seen which had really been on my mind. I really liked it. Which made me want to make the rest of it work -somehow.

I had changed the art a couple of times and found some really cool stuff which I really liked…but everything else felt forced and not right.

I was fighting with and for inspiration for all I was worth. The more I fought to make it work the worse things got! Ha

Finally, as the month was counting down – the “writing” newsletter was comfortably wrapped up and I was printing it for final inspection, I shared my frustration with my friend, room and office mate, Julissa.

Julissa, who is very wise, immediately said, “if you like some of it, then put it on hold for later and start a new one—you can always take things out of it that you like…or save it and come back to it later if you want”.

I understood immediately that she was right. I had acknowledged my frustration, now I faced my solution and saved what I had done so far with the title “Future Partial Newsletter”.

I opened up a new publisher document titled July 08 and within 10 minutes new and fresh ideas and inspiration were flowing. Unbelievable!

This got me thinking…how much frustration comes into my life caused by me being stuck on a idea that I sort of like— but it just isn’t working?  How many times do I charge on with unwillingness to try something different or to change what I am doing and move on? Ha!

Something to think about and keep in the awareness box for the future!


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