When You’re Weary…

So, I admit my limitations, I am somewhat wimpy and wear out easily.

The last few weeks I have pushed myself to work a second job, as I really need the extra income, plus I needed to be among some new people and not have lots of extra time on my hands.

My second job came along in the form of an ice cream/candy store, which is somewhat perfect for me, as I dearly love both of the items involved! Ha

Last week I ended up working until 1am on Sunday night, then worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights getting home about 11:15pm each night, but my downfall has come from scooping the ice cream which has aggravated an old shoulder injury – I also have very weak wrists as I broke my right one twice growing up and so I am dying in pain (definite over-exaggeration, just hurting badly) from my hand, wrist, shoulder, neck and shoulder blades!

I finally broke down and went to the Doctor yesterday, which is major for me, as I am not much of a doctor person. They did x-rays and now I am waiting to hear if there is something dreadfully wrong…or if I am just getting old!

The combination of being tired and hurting badly means that I have gotten very weary and then I start to feel overwhelmed and somewhat discouraged with my life.

It is hard to stay positive at these moments and I just want to stop and not get back up.

We all feel bad sometimes. No one is immune to physical pain or “getting down” – but, by this time in my journey, I know I need to I ride it out and it will change.

I try to look new ways…something fun and new…to inspire myself and I know that it will pass and I will be back to “normal” soon (ha…that’s very relative, I know!).

So, today, for all of you out there who are worn out and weary, hang on and know that things will change and you will feel better soon – and so will I!

Remember, it’s your life and you make the choice!



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